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Internal communications

Internal communications: your people are your best marketing tool

Your clients are interacting with your people every day. The experience they have depends on how engaged your people are with your...

How you can implement blockchain into your business

Most of you have heard about blockchain. It is the technology that underlies bitcoins and other crypto currencies. And if you are...

How do you know you are experiencing burnout?

When we are excessively stressed, as many people are due to constant work overload and excessive time spent at work with little...

How Stress Can Damage Your Body’s Physiology

Stress yourself unnecessarily, and you are piling up a debt that will have to be repaid as ill health in the future. To keep this debt short is the goal whatever we do, be we competing or achieving excellence in our productive work, is certainly ideal for all those who are still in the competitive race.

Business Automation – strategic and tactical considerations before you digitalization

Let’s consider why digitalization is such an important activity that SMEs has got to be involved in. For if a business owner is concerned about increasing his revenue and doing his best to cope with getting enough employees because of the manpower crunch, then he has to be concerned about digitalization.