Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Dr. Douglas Kong

Dr Kong is a Performance and Leadership Coach. He was certified as an Executive Coach by the Center for Executive Coaching, USA and as a clinician he has a strong background in the Neurosciences, Psychoanalysis and Group Dynamics. He was also certified as an Executive Coach Trainer and had taken courses in Strategic Leadership and Business Analysis.

How to make good, quality decisions

How do you make your decisions? Some of us depend a lot on our intuition. This is the ‘gut-feel’, the ‘hunch’ based on knowledge and/or experience. It is the fast-track means...

Are you in a Sunset Industry business? What do you do?

Are you in a Sunset Industry business? What do you do? The last couple of years, I met quite a few business owners who were pessimistic about their businesses. Characterising themselves as...

Joseph Schooling shows us the way to success

Joseph Schooling shows us the way to success August 13 2016 was a historic day for Singapore. On this day, at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, a true blue Singaporean...

How The Alpha Group can help your business thrive

SME business owners are essentially alone when it comes to the crucial decisions and crunch times about their businesses. I was at the Singapore Chinese of Commerce Annual Conference just yesterday...

Business Scalability – How a 124-year old corporation became a startup.

If you stay abreast of the news, you may recall the recent headline: “GE opens first Asian digital operations centre”. General Electric (GE) will be partnering with the SP Group here...

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Traumatic Stress

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Traumatic Stress By Dr Douglas Kong   When your company goes through a very rough patch, such as that of a calamity or disaster, or when there are...

CEO as Super Salesman

It’s not uncommon for CEO to spend substantial part of their time with customers but is it really essential and healthy? The answer is a resounding yes but with lots of...

Can HR Managers Create A Successful Employer Brand?

Nobody can exactly pinpoint as to where and when the term Employer Brand originated from – but over the years it has become clear that this term is not going to...

Book Review: Trauma and Organizations

Trauma and Organizations edited by Earl Hopper, New International Library of Group Analysis, Karnac, 2012. This book of essays by a team of 18 group analysts, psychoanalysts, and organizational consultants from Europe,...

Coaching vs Interrogation

“Coaches asked a lot of questions, don’t they?” A friend responded when I told him about my decision to embark on a coaching career. He continued, “A friend was asked to...