Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Dr. Douglas Kong

Dr Kong is a Performance and Leadership Coach. He was certified as an Executive Coach by the Center for Executive Coaching, USA and as a clinician he has a strong background in the Neurosciences, Psychoanalysis and Group Dynamics. He was also certified as an Executive Coach Trainer and had taken courses in Strategic Leadership and Business Analysis.

Social Media -The Next Paradigm

Managing Social Media in the Work Place Peter Lye Social media is becoming so pervasive that to ignore it is tantamount to subscribing to the ostrich syndrome. As senior leaders of your companies, it...

Health bytes: Medical Advances of interest to all of us

Health bytes: Medical Advances of interest to all of us In life, health is a prerequisite for all our endeavours. Hence, we wish to provide a service to update all our clients,...
The alpha group

The Alpha Group – a place for business owners, CEO’s and entrepreneurs

The Alpha Group is a place for businessmen, CEO’s and entrepreneurs to review their businesses, and move forward in meaningful way. In such an atmosphere where you are among your peers,...

Coaching in Asia – Mind over Matter on Stigma

What is coaching? Eminent coach Jeffrey T Sooey; President of JTS has categorically stated being a coach is NOT equivalent to being a consultant, guru, expert, psychologist or friend. This is...