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Premium Packages

If you are truly serious about getting results for yourself and your business, Premium packages are the way to go:

Premium packages are based on commitment, accountability, execution and guaranteed results. This is not for you if you are just trying it out, and is for you if you are embarked on a plan to make it works for real. Talk to us about what you need:

1 month Starter PackageA baby step to sample how working in a Premium package is like
90 day Success PackageDip your foot in to the Premium package by working at a limited objective and achieve results
Monthly Retainer PackageThis allows me to work with you long term and normallyreviewed annually
Premium VIP Day PackageThis is over 1 day or 2 days where you have intensive
sessions up to 6 sessions in 1 day to kickstart project
Premium Group PackageGroups are better because of multiple learning
opportunities, different permutations available and
customised to your needs
GURR Package
(Guaranteed Until Results Received)
This works at more durable results over a period of at
least 6 to 12 months.

I am committed to you achieving results, and this is the reason for the Premium packages, If you are
committed to getting the results you are looking for as well, this is for you. Talk to us, so that you
can be clear about what you need, and want.

Please contact us via our chat support if you want to subscribe for premium subscription