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About Dr Douglas Kong 

MBBS(S’pore), BD(Hons)(Lond), BCETS(USA), CEC(USA)

Performance and Leadership Coach

Dr Kong is a Performance and Leadership Coach. He was certified as an Executive Coach by the Center for Executive Coaching, USA and as a clinician he has a strong background in the Neurosciences, Psychoanalysis and Group Dynamics. He was also certified as an Executive Coach Trainer and had taken courses in Strategic Leadership and Business Analysis.

In his current role as a Regional Director of The Alpha Group Singapore, he helps business owners of small to medium size companies to scale up their business and pursue business excellence. He coaches business owners and consults with companies  to manage change and to achieve business objectives.

He trained as a medical doctor in Singapore and later on as a psychiatrist in England. After the completion of his training, he was an academic psychiatrist at the National University of Singapore from 1982 to 1988 where he studied human stress and behavioural problems in children, and published papers in these areas of study.

He was into private practice until 2011, during which he collaborated with colleagues to build a group practice dedicated to psychological treatment and psychological services. The practice had a corporate arm that offered a variety of services to corporations such as stress management workshops, group facilitation for organization development, change management for companies in transition, emergency response to psychological trauma, employee assistance programs, and psychological assessments for career counseling and employee placements.

From 2012, he made the transition to coaching with normal functioning people instead of treating patients, focusing on organizational and work issues, leading to his current position of helping businesses. In preparation for this role, besides being certified as an Executive and Business Coach, he is ACTA certified and a certified Master Certified Coach Trainer (MCCT). He has taken courses in Strategic Leadership and Management, Strategic Planning and Execution, Entrepreneurial Strategic Management, Scaling Operation, Organizational Leadership and Value Chain Management.

Over the years, he had worked as a Management Consultant with many companies and organizations, and these include:

Singapore Airlines, Port of Singapore Authority, IBM, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Allied Walkers Distributors, Prudential, British Petroleum, Westin Hotel Singapore, General Motors, American Express, Compaq Computers, Du Pont, Exxon-Mobil, Glaxo-Wellcome, etc.,  among others.

Dr Kong has considerable experience and expertise in:

  • Face-to-face clinical consultations
  • Stress and relationship psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy for personality difficulties and adaptational needs
  • Coaching for adapting to transitions in work/family life

His past experiences in conducting Workshops/Groups include the following:

  • Stress management workshops
  • Anger management workshops
  • Organization roles and relationships for organizational effectiveness
  • Critical incidents management for organizations facing traumatic stress
  • Health awareness and healthy lifestyle workshops
  • Weight management programs
  • Workshop on interpersonal skills problem-solving
  • Child management skills enhancement groups for parents
  • Workshop on Object Relations and Attachment Theory in Psychotherapy
  • Workshop on Introduction to Psychotherapy – an Object Relations approach
  • Workshop on Introduction to Child Group Psychotherapy
  • Workshop on Introduction to Child Psychotherapy
  • Workshop on Cultural issues in psychotherapy and Group Psychotherapy
  • Workshop on introduction to psychodynamic Group psychotherapy
  • Supervision of psychodynamic and group psychotherapy training
  • Supervision of child psychotherapy training
  • Lead and conduct group sensitivity training for psychologists and mental health professionals

Throughout his life Dr Kong has been active in NGOs as a volunteer advocating for family and social issues. He has mentored individuals in the psychological disciplines and currently mentoring others in business excellence and business growth.

Website: www.optimalzoneperformance.com
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