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OZP Douglas Kong - How To Get The Most Out Of Coaching

How To Get The Most Out Of Coaching

Not everyone wants to be coached. Especially those who are required to attend coaching sessions as part of their leadership training and career progressions. So, how do you get the most out of your coaching sessions for both the coachee and coach?
The Downside of Coaching

The Downside of Coaching

Recently, while talking to a couple of CEOs, I again encountered some pushbacks to the suggestion with coaching. Judging from their comments, it would seem that they were unhappy with what...
OZP 8 No-cost or Low-cost Marketing Strategies for You to Consider

8 No-cost or Low-cost Marketing Strategies for You to Consider

Sales is the lifeblood for the small business and marketing is the means by which you drum up sales. Hence small businesses are interested in marketing strategies and techniques. One way...

How you can implement blockchain into your business

Most of you have heard about blockchain. It is the technology that underlies bitcoins and other crypto currencies. And if you are up-to-date with the news, you would have heard about...
Are you burnt out?

How do you know you are experiencing burnout?

When we are excessively stressed, as many people are due to constant work overload and excessive time spent at work with little or no recovery time, we can get burnout. In my...

How Stress Can Damage Your Body’s Physiology

Stress yourself unnecessarily, and you are piling up a debt that will have to be repaid as ill health in the future. To keep this debt short is the goal whatever we do, be we competing or achieving excellence in our productive work, is certainly ideal for all those who are still in the competitive race.

Business Automation – strategic and tactical considerations before you digitalization

Let’s consider why digitalization is such an important activity that SMEs has got to be involved in. For if a business owner is concerned about increasing his revenue and doing his best to cope with getting enough employees because of the manpower crunch, then he has to be concerned about digitalization.

Dealing with losses: complete your grief

In this age of the COVID19 pandemic, many people would have sustained losses. Those that succumbed would have loss of health, and even loss of life of a loved one for...

The COVID 19 Pandemic: Strengthening your Resilience

Resilience, this quality of being able to withstand stress and pressure and then to bounce back once that stress is over, is very much needed as we go through this period...

Here’s How You Can Become A Transformational Leader

Transformational leaders are able to be so because of the way they communicate. The transformational leader communicates powerfully. It is powerful because as a result of the leader’s communication, he is...