How do you create and plan your marketing strategy to give you a constant stream of leads (and customers)? I will show you how.

Do you know how much does your marketing cost you? Calculate the sales that you get from your marketing, and you may be surprised that your returns from your marketing efforts are often not as good as you expect.

It is likely that your returns may well be a negative, ie you are paying people to buy from you. 

 The problem with digital marketing is that business owners and big businesses implicitly trust it, throwing huge budgets at it. But then why are your results so dismal or lower than expected? 

This is often the result of a lack of a marketing strategy, with many marketers included confusing marketing tactics with marketing strategy.

To have a clear marketing strategy, you would need to have an overall business strategy. That in itself is built upon your business model. Indeed, a business model and a business strategy are the basic conditions of a company’s existence that you build on.

The simplest way to define a business model is that it informs you of a target market for the product/service you have created, the needs of that market and what the product/service of your business will play to meet those needs.

Your business strategy is then an articulation of how and where your business will be deployed to achieve the purpose and goals as outlined by your business model.

So basically, your business model tells you how your product/service meets specific needs in the marketplace, this is spell out clearly. The identification of a target group and its demographics flows from the fact that this specified population have needs which your product/service will meet and it will have characteristics such as age, sex, interests, social roles which can be identified.

The above is commonly referred to as a niche. Even for products/services intended for everybody, there is a niche, there will always be a slice or population subgroup that have a preference for your product/service no matter what general needs it serves.

Once you identify a niche, you know where they are mostly online, in what space where they can be found such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for example. Or in a real specific location, you know where they normally congregate, in what kinds of social groups they will be found, what malls they will frequent.

So you can see, your marketing strategy is, knowing the above, having a clear statement of how you are going to reach them, and what tactics you will use to reach them. Tactics are the specific marketing techniques, whether Facebook or Google marketing or a specific Youtube marketing technique.

When it becomes clarified as in the above, you will understand how your marketing can achieve the results that you anticipated. You have reached the people who needs and wants your service/product and who would like to enjoy the benefits that your offering has for them.

To help you started on the journey of defining the above, I have included a Niche statement worksheet with this email so that you can do it yourself. For best results, I do recommend that you work with an expert. (See Niche Statement)

Your marketing towards your niche always follows the 3 phases in sequence. If your product is new or fairly new, you need to market to your nice for them to “know” you. The “know” phase must penetrate deeply into your niche so that people know that your business and your product/service is there and exists.

Once your niche audience “know” you, you then campaign to get them to “like” you. This is the phase you want to engage with them, educate them on how your product/service differentiates from the competition, and encourage them to buy from you again and again.

If your product/service is being purchased repeatedly, you move into the “trust” phase. In this phase, your customers/clients are now your loyal customers. They will buy your new product/service if you introduce them because they trust you. And a segment of these loyal customers will refer new customers to you as well.

So these 3 phases, the “know”, “like” and “trust” phases, all occur sequentially and should inform you how to implement your marketing tactics to fulfil your marketing strategy.

The use of customer relationship management software (CRM) is thus a logical step to allow you to bring all your customers to the point that they mostly “trust” you and what you offer.

So now you can see how your marketing strategy can help you achieve the following:

  • Reach the people who will buy from you, how do you do that?
  • Distinguish between the various phases of your marketing and target accordingly
  • Have an effective sales team to convert leads to sales effectively
  • How to get your first-time customers to buy again and again from you
  • How to effectively integrate social media into your marketing campaigns
  • How to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to reduce your marketing cost

Are you throwing your money at marketing like a lot of bigger companies do?  Please don’t. That’s exactly what happen when you cannot distinguish between marketing tactics and marketing strategy.

For example, marketing on Facebook, or Google or any other platform are all different. Each has their own characteristics and their strengths and limitations. You would want to pick a tactic (for that’s what it is) based on your strategy. And that depends on your objectives, your prospective customers and your brand.

In case you are frightened by social media, I will help you to understand it as well. You can leverage on social media to generate more leads, make more sales, serve your satisfied customers, increase their trust in you, get endorsed by and your customers and they buy repeatedly from you. You would like that, won’t you?

That’s how you will get to understand what marketing is all about and approach it in a way that will maximize your returns from the efforts you put in. I will teach you not only what your strategy and tactics should be, but how you can maximize them for you to get the results you want.

The stuff I talk about above is not just for people who do marketing only. As the business owner who will instruct your marketing agent (whether in-house or outsourced), you need to be able to instruct them what to do and talk intelligently with them.

Otherwise, you may well end up being taken for a ride by your marketers. How do I know it happens? Well, I have gone through it myself as a business owner, been there, done that and got short-changed. So I am teaching you what you must know for you not to repeat the same mistakes and be short-changed like I was.

In the coaching program and in the accompanying course I am teaching you, you will learn all that and more. As you learn, you will implement it, and your business will grow because your marketing and sales process is so effective, and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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