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The Alpha Group (TAG): Inspiring you and your company to thrive through the focus and power of your Group.

TAG Board meetings, comprising up to 20 Managing Directors and an Alpha Group Regional Director, meet monthly

from 8am to 2pm.  Refreshments will be provided.

Newcomers are welcome, admin fee to cover  expenses and refreshments: $50/-


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Optimal Zone Performance helps you to achieve optimal performance in your life and work. Together with Noble Manhattan Coaching, we bring you The Alpha Group Mastermind and Peer Reference Board to help you grow your business and double its value within 2 years. Come and find out what’s it all about.

Being a leader has its drawbacks; it can be a lonely and stressful existence, and struggling to keep a business growing can be difficult, especially in challenging times. Regularly meeting and brainstorming with like-minded individuals from non-competing businesses is a powerful antidote to these problems, and provides immense momentum in driving their business forward.

At monthly peer advisory board meetings, The Alpha Group members participate in workshops focusing on key elements of business development covering a wide range of topics, and learn best practice from other business leaders during intensive strategic design sessions.

They also receive personalised assistance in progressing projects and overcoming challenges through ‘mastermind’ sessions’. During these sessions, fellow members and business leaders combine their collective wisdom and experience to brainstorm strategies and solutions, and drive their businesses forward.

Members leave these monthly meetings with clear strategies mapped out, and step-by-step implementation plans tailored to their own unique business requirements

Do you have questions about Singapore Alpha Executive Board Meeting – Achieve additional, profitable revenues.? Contact Douglas Kong at hp:96772558 or


You are exclusively invited to the launch of

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In Singapore to be held at the Boardroom of

the Singapore Recreation Club

at 9 am on Thursday March 3rd , 2016.

This special event is for those with an open mind

and a willingness to explore possibilitiesand solve

problems for themselves and others.

You will gain valuable insights into your business, learn

from like-minded business people and start building

trusting relationships with potential customers.

If you want to maximise the value of this event, then

take a moment to think about a key business issue that

Keeps you awake at night or an opportunity, big or

small you want to address.  You will have the chance to

work with your chosen with other business

owners and gain new insights and new solutions.

The meeting starts at 9am and concludes between 1pm

coffee and biscuits are available throughout the meeting.

Places are limited so I would appreciate confirmation that

you are able to join me to

Or call/ message me at +6596772558………..Many thanks.

Conversion Summit 14-16 April 2015

Shangri La Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

But do you cringe when you have to pay for that advertisement for more customers?

Of course, you want to make more money for your business.

But the answer may not be More Customers.

Consider . . . . . .

If you can get your customers to spend more with you on average with each transaction.

OR, get your customers to spend money with you on a more frequent basis.

Neither of those require you spend more money on advertising to get more customers.

In fact, you can implement both of them immediately for very little cost, and dramatically see your sales go up.

Both of them are about increasing conversions.

You’ve probably heard that Traffic + Conversions = Sales.

By FAR, the more important of the first 2, is the ‘conversions’ part.

Many people think it’s all about getting cheaper and more traffic. Wrong!

It’s about getting better at converting traffic first.

Every single top earner is good at converting. This is the one skill they all have in common.

If you’re yet making the kind of money you would like, then you NEED to get to the upcoming Conversion Summit, which is being held on the 14th – 16th July, right before the Platinum Mastermind of My Online Business Education at the same resort.

The training is organized for My Online Business Education (MOBE) for their affiliates, it is also for small businesses as well– in fact it is specifically tailored towards small business in general.

It’s 3 days at a 5 star resort, and it will have a bigger impact on your business than any other event you attend.

“For more details and to sign up.”

Apply here