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Performance Coaching - Teams & Individuals

1. Pursuing Excellence

If you feel that you can do better and want to, but do not know how or where to start, this is for you. By reviewing your goals, needs and passion, you are guided to develop an action plan for you to do so.

2. Overcome Stress for Effective Performance

Most people recognize that stress leads to ineffective performance. This need not be so. If you need to perform while facing much stress, seek help to change your personal situation.

3. How to manage difficult people

Facing someone who is giving you a rough time at work or socially? Learn to use behavioural styles to understand who you are relating with and to develop effective strategies of relating to them.

4. Managing difficult communication

Do you find that most of your conversations with one or more persons end up in disagreement or misunderstanding? Learn how to effectively respond to whatever is being said and steer the conversation into a more supportive and pleasant outcome.

5. Overcome negativity, nurture optimism

Being negative is a protective instinct. Learn to evaluate your negativity and develop ways to overcome it where such negativity interferes with what you want to achieve and develop satisfying relationships and achieve better outcome both at work and socially.

6. Anger management

If you are prone to anger outbursts which harm your relationships or your business objectives, it’s time to get on top of such disruptive behaviour. Allow your relationships or your business to grow by ending such disruptive episodes.

7. Peak performance under overwhelming stress

Does your work require you to perform before a live audience, or perform in a highly competitive environment? Does stress prevent you from performing well as a result, although without the stress your performance is flawless? This means that your performance is “choked” by stress. Learn how to master your response to stress and perform effortlessly even under the most stressful circumstance.

What do I do?

Most people desire their life to be at a better place compared with where they are now. I help people bridge this gap, achieve what they desire, and to live their best once they reach there!

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